Many of us feel we are being ignored or judged because of who we are, how we identify, or what we believe. Some of us feel stereotyped and discriminated against, or even under threat of attack. We might feel singled out and stigmatized because of who we love, because of who we worship (or don't), because of mental illness or disability. We feel we are being perceived by some as being less than human. This project aims to give everyone a voice to show the world who we are. We are you.


Our goals are to help "re-humanize" and empower people who feel marginalized. To accomplish this we plan to: 

1.)    Photograph and interview volunteers who wish to share their perspectives.  This will serve two purposes:

        a.) to show them they are accepted and valuable members of our community.

        b.) to use these images and statements in the social media campaign of our project.

2.)    Create simple yet powerful images and statements of individuals with the purpose of counteracting stereotypes and connecting people from different backgrounds.  These images will be posted on social media, and displayed in physical locations in the community.


3.)    Organize live events, where people can come together and make meaningful connections with individuals in the community they might not normally converse with.  Live events will include:

        a.) Opportunities for individuals to share their story with the group.

        b.) Opportunities for representatives from other organizations to present work they are doing to                  foster community relationships.

        c.) Activities like Speed Interaction, where individuals will have a chance to communicate with                     people from different backgrounds and learn about their experiences.