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Our Interview with Keely

Interview with Keely

Interviewer: Jenn Harmless, Assistant: Matt Koch

Photographer: Reiner Riantan

How long have you been at CIP?

This is my first year.

Do you have a major yet? Or are you starting with the general requirements?

I’m double majoring in East Asian and Near Eastern Languages and Cultures.

That is really cool! When I was in college I studied a little bit of Hebrew, and took some classes on the Near East. That is really awesome. Did you study different languages in high school?

Well, my high school only offered French and Spanish when I started there. So I picked Spanish, and ended up really liking it. So I took it all four years. They added Mandarin my last year there, but I didn’t have room in my schedule for that and Spanish, so I stuck with Spanish.

Right. That’s really neat, though. I love languages.

Yeah, I do too.

I think they are fascinating. It’s just really fun when it starts to click, and you aren’t struggling as much. You can just look at something and just read it, and it’s easy. Or easier.

So, how do you self-identify? That can just be “How would you describe yourself?”

I’m vegan. I’m asexual. Yeah. I’m vegan and asexual.


How do you think you are seen by society?

I honestly have no idea.

Ok, that’s fine. That’s good.

How do you think you would like to be seen? If you could choose how other people saw you?


Yeah, this might be tricky, since you aren’t really sure how you are seen.

I guess I would like to be seen as kind and intelligent.

I think that’s a really good answer. That’s how I would like to be seen, too.

Can you think of a time when your words or your actions were ever misinterpreted by other people?

I can’t think of anything specific. Not off the top of my head.

That is totally fine.

How would you like to improve your community? And that could be the community here at CIP, or Bloomington as a whole, or IU, or whatever your community is. How would you like to try to make that better?

That’s a tough one. Hmm. I don’t know.

That’s alright. It can be really small things, or really big idealistic things.

Oh, you know what? I’d like for there to be more vegan options in the Union.

Yeah. That would be really good. I bet that’s a thing that could actually be changed.

Are there any vegan options in the Union?

Well I don’t eat there all that much. When I do I usually get vegan sushi. I’m a pretty picky eater, so I don’t really know what else is available that might be vegan. But I don’t think they have any vegan baked goods.

Yeah, and I’m guessing that if there were more options you would probably eat there more, and then you would have better idea of what is there.

To Matt: That might be something you could look into.

I was going to say, it’s Bloomington. It can’t be that hard to get somebody to supply some vegan brownies or something.

Yeah, you should send some emails about that.

I am going to do that.

It might not go anywhere, but he’ll ask. If enough people ask…

So how do you feel about the state of the world right now?

I’m pretty concerned because there is a lot of hate. Some people don’t believe in global warming. There is war in the Middle East and other situations that could become wars.

Yeah, those are things that we are definitely concerned about too.

We had to stop reading the news first thing in the morning…

Yeah, we wait and read the news later in the day now, just because it’s hard to wake up to that.

So how do you feel about the future?

In terms of what?

Um, do you have a more positive outlook, or a negative outlook? I mean, you are concerned about things right now, but do you think that things are going to get better, are you worried they might get worse?

I mean, things aren’t going to get better unless we do something about it. A lot of people are, but the people in power aren’t doing enough. That’s going to need to change if we’re going to solve global warming.

Good, if you had one message that you could say to the world, what would that message be? And that’s a tough one for everybody, so you can take a minute to think about it.

I would say that it’s important to respect humans, animals, and the environment.

That’s a pretty solid message. That’s good.

Finally, what are you most proud of?

I’m proud of my intelligence.