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Let's discuss ways to identify and combat extremism.

Let's get together and talk about ways to reverse dehumanization. This time we'll be discussing extremist views (for example white supremacy) and what we can do to respond to these dangerous ideological views.

Please join us at the Runcible Spoon Monday March 12th from 5-6:30pm.

This is our third monthly discussion meetup, and we think it will be very timely and interesting.

If you are interested in We Are You and the work we are doing, come out and meet with us. This is a chance to get to know some of our volunteers, and find out ways you can help reduce negative stereotypes. We believe change happens one connection at a time, so this is a chance to make some new connections through conversations. This is an informal meetup, but a good opportunity to learn about us, or ways you can help us if you are interested in volunteering with our nonprofit now or in the future. (Even if you aren't interested or don't have time to volunteer, we welcome your company and your perspective on things.) We'll be discussing what we have done, what we are planning to do, and brainstorm ways to reverse dehumanization. We hope to see you there!